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Who are Pikl?

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Pikl Insurance Services Limited is a specialist insurance intermediary. We are regulated and authorised by the FCA registration number 773457

Who is the Insurer?

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Your Insurer will be stated on the following email attachments when you buy a policy

  • Your Policy Schedule and Statement of Fact
  • Your Policy document

How financially safe is it to use Pikl?

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Pikl have insurance backing by one of the largest and strongest Insurers in the world. UK General Insurance Limited, backed by Great Lakes SE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich Re and have a Standard and Poor’s rating of AA-. If you have a claim which is upheld then it will be covered by them.

Both Pikl and UK General Insurance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In the unlikely event that we or the insurer(s) cannot meet our obligations, you may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Further information is available from the FSCS at

How do I contact Pikl?

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Pikl provide a digital service to keep the products as competitive as possible for you. If you would like to talk to someone about our cover then please contact us on 0800 254 5171 or at and we will call you back. Please note that we cannot complete a sale or take payment over the phone.

Why am I not covered by my Home Insurance for Hosting?

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Standard home insurance policies do not allow commercial activities to take place at a residential property. So, if you let your property or driveway to paying guests or to guests for no monetary reward, this may invalidate your home insurance.

The Sharing Platform I use has a Protection Policy or Guarantee. Does that cover me?

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In most cases the protection policy or guarantee is not an insurance product and therefore does not give you the same rights, regulations, protections and benefits as an insurance policy. Each platform is different in how they operate, so you would need to check the terms and conditions carefully. Taking out your own insurance policy will always give you the highest amount of protection. See our blog on Is the Airbnb Guarantee enough cover for you?

Do I need to contact my existing Home Insurance Provider to tell them I Host?

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Yes, you need to let them know that you intend to share with Guests. Not telling your existing Home Provider could be seen as a significant non-disclosure in the event of a claim and it could cause your home insurance to be invalidated and or cancelled. You need to confirm with them that they will still cover your property for any claims not related to your hosting activity and that you will take out another insurance policy which protects the hosting.

Am I always covered if my insurance company says so?

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In most cases if your insurer agrees to cover you it means they have agreed to add the guest onto your policy as a lodger or additional family member. However, do check what is actually covered. There could be key aspects of cover that are likely missing. For example, Pikl provides cover for malicious damage by a guest and theft by a guest without forced entry. Most standard home insurance policies do not provide this cover for persons added onto the policy or if there is no forced entry. In addition, it’s unlikely they would cover you for any personal injury claims should an accident occur with your guest nor cover the costs of pursuing legal action if a guest injured you. It’s important that you check with your insurer if you have these protections and if not then consider supplementing your insurance with one of Pikl’s products. Please see our blog 'Will your home insurance cover short term guests?'' for more details.

Could I purchase a Landlords policy to cover me?

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A landlord’s policy will likely not cover you for all the different types of guests you may have acting as a Host. Landlord policies are usually specific to a particular type of tenant and length of tenancy which is usually a minimum of 6 months. You would also need to have Home Insurance as well to properly protect your own personal possessions. In addition, purchasing a full landlord policy may be an expensive option. Pikl's cost effective products are an alternative solution designed for this activity. The products supplement your Home Insurance policy and are likely to be much cheaper than a landlord product with more tailored protection to meet your needs.

Am I eligible for cover?

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Each product has a list of assumptions which you must confirm you meet to be eligible for our insurance. These assumptions can be seen on the relevant product page as you click through to buy. You also need to check the Policy Summary for the product to ensure the cover meets your needs. If you have any further questions about eligibility then contact us at

Under your assumptions it says I must have existing home insurance? Why do I need this?

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Pikl's products are designed to supplement an existing home insurance policy. Claims can be complicated and it may be that Pikl and your existing insurance provider need to work together to decide who manages a specific claim. This process would not work if there was not a home insurance product. Having a home product of insurance in place also lets us know that you are serious about protecting your property and are not using Pikl products to try and cover more than just the risk of your guests. Pikl will only cover you if you have a standard household or landlord product in place as stated on the assumptions for each product.

What don't you cover that I need to be aware of?

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Pikl Top-Ups do not provide cover for claims which would normally be covered under a standard household policy if the Pikl policy did not exist. Pikl Top-Ups only provide cover for claims for injury and property loss or damage caused by the hosting activity. We don’t cover expenses that you should plan to incur as a small business for example, wear and tear, cleaning & fumigation, small breakages or accidents that we would expect you to use a damage deposit for. We also don’t cover identity theft. Please check the Policy Summary for details of what we cover and don’t cover together with the condition of cover and significant exclusions to decide if it’s right for you or contact us at if you have specific questions about cover. You may also find the following blog helpful - What you Insurance Cover is not

When is the best time to arrange insurance cover?

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You can arrange for you cover to begin at any time before the day that your first guest arrives, we would advise you to take out cover at the same time as you receive your first booking. Please note that you must have insurance in place for the duration of your guests stay. You should also keep records to ensure that you have enough days left on your cover if you have bought a policy with a package of days in a year. If there is a claim we will ask you for this information.

Can I cancel my policy?

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Yes you can. Pikl has no fee’s for cancelling your policy, and you can cancel your policy at any time, however please take note of our refund policy.

If you have purchased an annual policy then you may cancel your policy at any time within the first 14 days and received a full refund as long as the policy has not started and no claims have been made during that time.

If the policy has started we will deduct the time on cover on a pro-rata basis from your refund amount. If a claim has been made then no refund will be provided.

After the first 14 days, there will be no refund returned for policies which are cancelled.

If you have purchased an “on demand” policy, then there are no refunds on cancellation.

How do I cancel or make changes to my policy or settings?

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If you would like to make changes to your policy please contact us with the change at and we will help you with it.

We will soon have our online portal available where you will be able to make changes to your policy, settings or cancel and renew by logging into your online account.

There are no charges for making changes or cancelling, however it’s important to read our refund policy for cancellation before processing this change. If you have any questions please contact us at

How do I pay?

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Payments can be made using most credit or debit cards. All payments must be made in full using your card on our secure website payments portal

Is there any excess?

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We have a standard excess of £250, however there are some specific excesses for different types of claims and these will be shown on your Policy Schedule and Statement of Fact.

How do I claim?

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If you need to make a claim, you will find important information within your policy document about what to expect. This document was emailed to you with your purchase confirmation or can be downloaded by logging into your account on the customer portal.

Some of the claims contact detail are also in the table below

Policy SectionClaims HandlerAddressTelEmail

1. Property damage
2. Vehicle Assistance

Cunningham Lindsey

Oakleigh House 
14-16 Park Place 
CF10 3DQ

0345 6049791

3. Legal Liability


Queens House 

01904 686790

4. Legal Expenses

Lexelle Limited

PO Box 4428,
S9 9DD

0114 2493300